Blue Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Inc.
Blue Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Inc.

Welcome to the Blue Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.

The Blue Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Inc., Shartlesville, Pa.

     Located next to a barely paved country road are the shooting facilities of the Blue Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. It sits on forty-two acres of quiet Pennsylvania countryside; well quiet some of the time.  Officially founded as a NMLRA Charter Club in 1939 with about sixty members most of its’ present land area was acquired in 1958.  There have been organized forms of shooting competition in and around these very acres since the time of the French and Indian War.  Within a short distance are the ruins of Fort Northkill and in the records there are historical references to, “Battalion Days”, which were marching drills and shooting matches organized and sponsored by the area Militia for the public at large.  There is provenance placing the date of these gatherings at 1754 and probably much earlier.  The land and the club are rich in muzzle loading history and tradition. 

     The club currently sponsors eight matches a year, which are one, two, or three days in duration.  A complete listing of these matches and their dates are on this web-site.  Some of these matches are named for past, honored members while others are instantly recognizable.  Of special note is the NMLRA and NRA sponsored, three day Pennsylvania Territorial.  Always scheduled in mid July, the exact dates for this year are listed here as well.  This is the highlight of our competitive season and we believe you will find it a well officiated and managed event.

     Some visitors to this site may recognize Shartlesville not only as the name our lovely Pennsylvania town but also of a particular type of muzzle loading rifle.  This class of rifle is a heavy, round ball bench gun, weighing at least twenty-five pounds, full stocked, false muzzle, adjustable aperture and/or open sights and generally encountered more frequently as flint locks then percussion.  These guns were finely made, well embellished, and with highly figured wood.  The historical record indicates these rifles being used in competition by Pennsylvania families in colonial times.  We have a photograph of a group of shooters at the Penn Valley Hotel Shoot of 1905 and there are at least six such guns in evidence.  In our photo gallery we’ve included two photos of a fine example of a Shartlesville rifle, owned and being held by Paul Hartranft.

     Our shooting facility offers a 25 and 50 yard off-hand range; a 50 yard bench rest, cross-stick range, a 100 yard bench rest, cross-stick and off-hand range; and a 200 yard bench rest, cross-stick and off-hand range. 

     The Blue Mountain Club is a competitor’s club with friendly and knowledgeable people who take great pride in their sport.  We also have a wonderful junior’s program.  Come join us in some spirited competition and shoot on ground that is rich in muzzle loading history.   


"Kumm und Schiess mit da Pennsylfanish Deitche an da Blo Berger Schiessferein." 

Come and shoot with the Pennsylvania Dutch and the Blue Mountain Shooters.


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