Blue Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Inc.
Blue Mountain Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Inc.

Club Rules and Regulations

1. Safety is our FIRST CONCERN.  Range officers can and will disualify any person not behaving in a responsible fashion and / or not adhering to the Rules and Regulations.

2. Non-members are allowed on shoot dates only and do not qualify for entry in aggregates.

3. Dues must be paid for the current year to be permitted to shoot on the range. 

4. Guns must be percussion or flint ignition black powder guns and must be loaded with cloth patched balls.  In-line ignitions are permitted.  No plastic or sabot plastic patches or spacers permitted.  Exception - sluggun and musket matches may employ a non-patched cylindrical style projectile, non-jacketed.

5. No smoking under roofs.  Powder containers must be closed while not in use.

6.  No alcoholic beverages are permitted during shooting hours.

7.  Only those hits which are visible will be scored.

8.  Breaking ties:

     1) The score with the most X's wins;

     2) If equal # of X's, the score with the smallest group wins;

     3) String measure may be used at the discretion of the scoring committee;

     4) In aggregates, the longest range offhand score will win;

     5) The shoot committee may assign a 'tie breaker' target.

9.  Errors in scoring will be corrected by the scoring committee.

10.  Competition shooting jackets are prohibited.

11.  Offhand position: Elbow may not touch the body, slings and palm rests are prohibited - rifles must rest in the palm of supporting hand, except for cross stick, over-the-log, and chunk gun matches.

12.  All pistol matches to be fired offhand, one hand hold (no rests), single shot loads only except during timed matches during the NMLRA regional shoot.

13.  All pistols must be loaded from a pistol stand and muzzle up when relay closed.

14.  Results of all matches wil be posted in the clubhouse.

15.  Wedges permitted in Junior bench matches only.

16.  National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association rules will prevail in addition to club rules.

17. Pyrodex powder is permitted but not recommended.

18.  Positively no shooting at any targets before or after posted shooting hours on scheduled match days.

19.  Targets to be hung at the discretion of the range officers.

20.  Timed relays are in effect - guns may not be handled (except to remove guns from the range) or loaded between relays.

21.  Rifles must be carried in muzzle up position at all times.  Priming and capping to be done only on the firing line.

22.  Only targets stamped "Aggregate" will count for score in aggregate matches.

23.  Aggregate trophy winners will be responsible for having nameplate engraved.  Arrangement can be made with the club.


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